I’m Back!

In my last post I told you that my breast cancer had recurred and I was deciding on treatment. I know many of you have followed my progress on our CaringBridge site, but for those of you who haven’t I’ll just give a quick summary of what God has taught me in this new journey.

1. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Many women, myself included, are afraid of offending their doctor, but a secure doctor should not be threatened. This is your body and you want to be sure you have checked out all the options before you make a decision.

2. Question “standard procedure.” Is it possible that the standard doesn’t apply to your situation.

3. If you have any doubt or unrest, wait until you have peace with a decision.

4. Even if all the pathology test were not done in a previous occurrence, they can be run now. That was amazing to me. My doctor was able to get slides from 2002 and retest them. I didn’t know that was possible.

5. Allow others to help. Find things for them to do. It is as much a blessing to receive help as it is to give it.

I wrote Dear God, They Say It’s Cancer after my first breast cancer journey. It was the book I longed to have and then God allowed me the opportunity to actually use it through this new journey. And I have to say it was everything I hoped it would be for my breast cancer sisters.

Yesterday, was a month since my surgery and I am definitely on the road to recovery! I have many writing projects and speaking engagements but I will post more regularly.

The picture with this post is the blanket my daughter-in-law and 4 of my grandchildren made for me. It has hearts and breast cancer ribbons on it and the grandchildren tied all the fringe. I snuggled under it every day of recovery and felt so very loved.

I am praising God for the opportunity to still be…

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