Following Dad

I met Darrell Leber in one of my many airport waiting rooms. As so often happens, I made a God connection. Darrell is Associate Director of Strategic Relationships with the Jesus Film, and he and his wife own Amen Christian Bookstore in Marysville, WA. Darrell sent me this story that I wanted to share with you:

10 years ago Missionary Don Cox was taken captive and held for ransom by rebel thugs (we would consider terrorists today). They drove him far into the country bound & blindfolded, and then forced him to hike into the Andes Mt’s in the dark of night, across a river, over a log, and then a long distance up to a desolate area. Be sure to read the book, Shouts at Sunrise, to capture the details of those days and events.

Don was miraculously rescued after being held for 14 days. He and his family were swiftly sent to safety in the USA and Don hadn’t been allowed to come back to the area of his capture until this year.

While in Ecuador, my son and I had the opportunity to hike high into the Andes Mountains with Missionary Don Cox to accompany him as he retraced his footsteps to see where he had been held. This was the first time Don had been allowed back into the area by the government to see this area by day. He was very excited and had the video camera going on overtime! We had a wonderful time of fellowship, devotions, and closure.

The trails were extremely steep and muddy on the return, as we had already passed over them on the way up creating a muddy slip-n-slide for the return. We were strung out in a line… sometimes slipping and sliding for a good ways. There were a few guys ahead of me, my son DJ a little ways behind me, and then Pastor Howell behind him and so forth.

I overheard a conversation between Pastor Howell and my son that drove into my heart…one of those “feel good” moments for a parent!
Pastor Howell (who is a big man) had offered to go in front of my son to catch him in case he slipped in the mud…you could slide a long way without stopping on these paths.

My son replied ‘No Thanks! I will follow my dad’s footsteps. I know that wherever he walks, that if I follow his footsteps, I will be safe. (see picture above).
What a statement!
What an impact on me to be careful of the footsteps and the walk I take as a witness to others.

If only we would follow so closely in the footsteps of our Savior… and know that if we follow him, we will be safe!!!

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