Tips For Journaling Your Breast Cancer Journey

1. Pray before you start.

2. Select a journal that reflects your personality and style.

3. Write your heart. Don’t worry about grammar or sounding spiritual. Let your pen flow with thoughts and feelings.

4. Think of journaling as simply writing a letter.

5. Date your journal entries.

6. Another way to experience journaling is as a chat or conversation with God. Freely write all that’s on your heart and mind.

7. If you want to write confidential things and worry someone might read your journal, come up with abbreviations and symbols only you understand.

8. Don’t feel you must be positive all the time. When it hurts, talk about it. When you’re sad, cry out. When you’re mad, God can take it.

9. Express the good things that happen too and the days where everything does seem better.

10. Journal during doctor or treatment waiting rooms, receiving chemotherapy treatments, sitting in the car while your ride runs into the store for you, nights when you can’t sleep, lying down to rest but your mind is racing, long hospital days and nights.

11. If you aren’t up to journaling and the pen seems too heavy, don’t worry–it shouldn’t be a burden making you feel guilty or heavy. When the time is right, you will get at it again.

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