Held: On The Journey With You

For an excerpt from my book Dear God, Why Can’t I Have a Baby? and also to be blessed by a new Hannah’s Hope Prayer blog go to:
Held: On The Journey With You: ““Janet, you’ll never have a baby. Your ovaries look like those of a ninety-year-old woman.” Sitting on the doctor’s exam table, extending …”


  1. Hi Janet:
    Just wanted to tell you that I bought your book and I just finish the first chapter. It has been such a blessing for me. My husband and I have been in that same position and oddly enough your book goes hand in hand with my current struggles. I love the Sanity Tools, because up to know I felt lost, trying to ignore the obvious and just no finding answers. I just did my first journaling and Prayer and Praise Journal… What an amazing book! Anyway, God bless you for allowing Him to use you in such a way. I know talking about this is hard and very painful, but Thank you for making my path less lonely. Hugs, Raquel

  2. Thank you Raquel and I’m so glad the book is blessing you and your husband.

    I will share your comments with others who may need encouragement.

    Trust God.
    On the journey with you, Janet

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