October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This month I’ll be talking allot about breast cancer awareness and sharing stories from brave breast-cancer sisters. Read the hope that Wanda has in her breast cancer journey.

Testimony of Wanda’s Battle

The canvas of the sky was a clear, bright and beautiful blue.
Clouds few and Spring was covering the atmosphere.
I had gone in for a routine mammogram. I had to start at the age of 27 because my mother had breast cancer and I’ve never missed an annual appointment in twenty something years.
After chatting with the technician for a while about our weekend, I made the following statement to her near the end of my exam when she returned to the exam room: “Oh by the way, would you try to get an image of this knot right here.”
What an unorthodox way of disclosing that one had found a knot or lump where one shouldn’t be. I had discovered the lump earlier in the previous month.
Upon returning to the exam room, the technician told me that the image was captured. She immediately asked if I could stay so that they could perform other tests. “ Sure, I said. I have nothing else that I want to do on a beautiful day like this.” After that I made a telephone call to submit an request for immediate prayer.
Then while waiting to get worked into the schedule to complete three other tests to confirm the initial finding on the routine mammogram, I sat alone wrapped up in warmed blankets from neck to toes because I had gotten so cold, sipping hot tea and glancing through a couple of magazines.
As I reflect on that day, I think that it was God letting me know that He had my back.
That day was the beginning of an incredible journey as I know it.
Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, mind, and spirit and he will give you a peace that surpasses ALL understanding. The Lord will not give you more than you can handle AND he will provide you with a way of escape.
On June 10, 2009, I had a successful lumpectomy. In July, I began chemotherapy treatment and by early August, my head was BALD. Soon afterward eyebrows and lashes disappeared. Six months later when the new year arrived and chemotherapy treatment was just ending, the hair had started to sprout on my head. Two months later I completed radiation in March 2010.
April 6, 2011, two years later, I’m STILL STANDING after a diagnosis of Stage IIA, ER/PR elevated, HER2+ invasive ductal carcinoma, surgery, chemo, radiation and continuing therapy ONLY by the GRACE OF MY ALMIGHTY GOD who is JEHOVAH RAPHA.
It is only God who knows that I can handle this tailor-made journey of breast cancer. Now just why he chose me – I don’t know YET. What I do know is that it isn’t about me.
My continued prayer since all of this started is that no matter what, that people would see Him and not me.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, your soul and your mind

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  1. Hi Janet. Thanks for sending me a message. This is a neat testimony! Praise God for His healing power!!

    Mentoring is what Titus 2 ministries is all about. Nice to meet you!

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