Inspiration for Breast Cancer Survivors

As many of you know, I am a three time breast cancer survivor and praise God every morning for another day of life. I’m also always looking for ways to encourage and support other breast-cancer sisters. A friend of mine told me about Trudy, a two-time breast-cancer survivor who submitted an inspirational phrase to the American Breast Care Company who makes prothesis. If selected, Trudy’s phrase would be imprinted on ABC’s products for the upcoming year. What a blessing for the women and for Trudy! 
Here’s a little information about Trudy and the contest, and if you feel led, go to the site and vote for her phrase, or one of the other phrases in the contest. I looked around the website also to learn a little more about ABC:
Trudy is one of 6 finalists in a Breast Care contest by American Breast Care Company.  Breast cancer survivors were encouraged to submit a phrase that helped them get through breast cancer and other tough times.  
Votes will be taken until May 31st.  The winner will go to Georgia where the company is located and her phrase will be printed on the breast form and be part of a marketing campaign for the product.
Trudy has had many many struggles in her life including breast cancer twice.  And, yet she remains apositive and joyful person.  After cancer she spent years as a volunteer and spokesperson for the American Cancer Society’s “Reach for Recovery Program” for breast cancer patients.  
 Please vote for Trudy.   
Trudy’s quote is “Behind every door is a miracle.  Be brave enough to open it”

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