Ways to Know Where Your Money is Going

It’s essential that Christian’s know what their money is supporting and financing. Because there are so many middle men involved in investments, some investors might not think it’s important or possible to know individual companies comprising their portfolio. But it is important and you can know.

My husband and I told our financial adviser that we did not want ANY of our money being invested in a company that we did not approve. We discovered that some of our money was in a mixed portfolio where one company was a builder of slot machines and even a tobacco company was involved. Your adviser, or yourself, can pull up on the computer every company involved in your portfolio; it isn’t complicated or difficult.

When we told our adviser we wanted a listing of every investment and told him our parameters his first response was that we would be limiting our financial return. We assured him that we did not want to make money off of a company we would not knowingly fund or support. God would honor our decision and that was enough of a reward for us.

He shook his head, but agreed and after several meetings when he began to see that we only chose investments that did not go against our morals and values, he soon screened everything before showing us. You can do the same thing.

Here are other areas to consider:
1. Interview a new OB/GYN as to whether or not he/she believes in abortion and or performs them. If a doctor tells me yes, I choose another doctor. I always know the faith standing of all my doctors. I just ask.
2. If you learn that a business supports something you do not believe in, stop supporting them financially. Support them with prayer.
3. Pray before making any financial decision.
4. What other ideas do you have? I’d love to hear them and so would others reading this post. Let’s get the discussion going.

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