In Memory of My "Grace Abounds"

 I’ve lost my “Grace Abounds”. Grace Marestaing mentored me through breast cancer and we became life-long friends & sisters-in-Christ. Grace was selfless and always there for me and others

My book Dear God, They Say It’s Cancer is dedicated to my “Grace Abounds” and she wrote the “Dear God,” for Single and Sick and the closing poem “Step by Step.”

I gave Grace the nickname “Grace Abounds” after the Mentoring Game skit used in the Woman to Woman Mentoring training. There are three mentors vying for a mentee: SuperMom, I’m a Saint, and Grace Abounds.

I met Grace at the breast cancer center when I was first diagnosed. She was a patient advocate and I had written on my health application that my employer was “The Lord.” She commented that was an interesting employer and I asked if He was hers too and she said “Absolutely!” 

On the way home from that appointment I called a friend and told her I had my own “Grace Abounds.” I wrote a poem about Grace which I included in the book and I’ll share with you here.

Grace is with Jesus whom she loved so dearly, but I miss her dearly too….

                                             Feelings flow.
                                                   Stories told.
                                                   Waiting answers.
                                                   Ah, it’s cancer.
                                                   Unshed tears.
                                                   Over years.
                                                   Held inside.
                                                   Ah, such pride!
                                                   Building, building.
                                                   Yielding, yielding.
                                                   Now release.
Ah, such peace.
Pain, sadness.
Grief, madness.
Not fair.
Ah, many care.
“I’m Grace.”
Kind face.
“Interesting employer.”
Ah, “I’ll mentor.”
“I cried.
But survived.”
Dr. West,
Ah, “the best.”
Life’s dear.
No fear.
God surrounds.
Ah, Grace abounds.
                            Janet Thompson    12/02

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