Good News Trumps Fake News

A shrewd person conceals knowledge,
but a foolish heart publicizes stupidity.

Proverbs 12:23 HCSB

Fake news has now become a part of our vocabulary. Our president uses the term frequently and at his February 16 press conference, he came up with a new term, “very fake news.” The flailing and failing media struggles to convince an unbelieving public that they’re reporting factual news. However, with fake news, rather than actual journalistic factual reporting, permeating the media the public has become skeptical of all news. The average person cannot decipher through the rhetoric of reporters’ personal biases and the sensationalist negative headlines to determine . . .

  • truth from fiction
  • facts from prejudice
  • honesty from lies
  • reporting from essays

I’ve been saying fake news is just old-fashioned propaganda, so I decided to look up a definition and what do you know, I was right. Wikipedia describes fake news with words like: hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be real news. They said social media is often the means to drive it and the purpose of fake news is to mislead readers for financial, political, or other gain.

The Bible warns against spreading fake news:

A fortune made by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor and a deadly snare. Proverbs 21:6 NIV

With the exception of a few media outlets like Fox News—where most newscasters are conservative and some are Christian—and Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), the majority are an opposition force with the universal purpose of creating anger, doubt, unrest, and turning the American people against President Trump and his Administration. As President Trump has told the press, their tone is mean, hate-filled, and negative.

What opposition force would want to stop President Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises? I receive a newsletter from Hal Lindsey Ministries and he summarizes in his February 17, 2017 newsletter the opposition President Trump faces:

You thought you saw opposition during the election campaign. I believe that nothing then compares to what we will see now that President Trump actually has the power to fulfill his campaign promises.

I think his attempts to do the things he was elected to do will be opposed by the Left and by the Washington establishment with such ferocity and vitriol that it will stun most of us. Not only will the President and his allies be fought every step of the way by the Democrats and the liberal Left, but they will be resisted by establishment Republicans, the mainstream media, the crumbling European Union, many Muslims, the globalists who seek the elimination of all borders and national sovereignty, and millions of Americans who only get their information from the established media.

I think he will also be sabotaged by leftover elements of the Obama administration who remain in the intelligence and law enforcement agencies and will certainly be resisted by millions of federal bureaucrats who oppose any reduction in their numbers or their benefits.

Unlike any other President in the last 100 years, President Trump will also have to deal with public and behind-the-scenes opposition from his predecessor. Breaking longstanding tradition, President Obama has remained in Washington and set up shop within two miles of the White House. Returning to his roots (did he ever leave them?), he is back to community organizing and practicing the politics of division. He is actively building an organization, complete with professional staff and organized training programs, for the sole purpose of preserving his “legacy” and furthering the far-Left agenda he promoted in his second term.

There is so much more at work here than just domestic politics. I believe we will see a battle between the forces of evil (this is not hyperbole) and the forces of good (I would go so far as to say the forces of righteousness) that will require all of our determination to fight and willingness to intercede in prayer that we can muster.

The Good News Trumps the Fake News


Praise God in this era of “very fake news,” we have the Good News! We know the truth. We can use the litmus test—the Word of God—for discerning who is telling the truth and who is lying. No one can fool us, persuade us, or pass a law to make us believe that right is wrong and wrong is right. If you read your Bible, talk to God, and just as Hal Lindsey said, have a determination to fight and a willingness to intercede and pray for truth to prevail . . . no weapon formed against our mind can prosper.

Here are some tips I hope will help you that help me focus on the Good News and eliminate the fake news!

  1. Do not watch any of the fake news channels or read the news! Their angry, belittling, negative language and headlines tell you they’re biased. Instead of reporting facts, they try to persuade you with their opinions. Even when not fake or fiction, the reporting is slanted.
  2. Do not open an online article, social media article, blog, or read a media article with a sensational, negative, or critical headline.
  3. Don’t react the first time you hear a story. For example, I didn’t want to believe that Obama was creating a “shadow government” to oppose the current government. I found it too appalling to think he would stoop that low, so I waited until I checked out enough reputable sources and his website to accept it was not fake news.
  4. Spend more time reading and studying the Bible, the Good News of God, than you do listening to fake news perpetuated by Satan. Nothing about God is fake. Fake news perpetuates false information to profit someone else. Fake news will harm you even though they make it seem like it benefits you. God only speaks truth, so fill your mind with His truths instead of the world’s lies. You will sleep better at night and live in peace.
  5. When you hear someone stressing over fake news they’re believing as truth, use that as an opportunity to share the Good News with them. Share how to discern lies from truth. I find it’s a great time to share a Scripture and pray with someone over the situation. Pray the Armor of God daily (Ephesians 6:10-18).
  6. Pray for President Trump and his Administration. His job is to focus on Making America Great Again, and as Hal Lindsey said, our job is to do what the Good News tells us to do, pray. Intercede for our president and for our country.
  7. Pray for the Trump family. On February 18, Melania Trump introduced her husband before he gave a speech to thousands in Orlando, Florida. She quieted the crowd with “Let’s pray.” And then, to the shock of those in attendance and the media, she recited the Lord’s Prayer! I was ecstatic, but I knew she would receive criticism from those she called the “opposition,” to whom she said, “I will stay true to myself.” Yes, the liberal left haters attacked her, but I’m sure Mrs. Trump paid no attention because she obviously knows the Good News, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Our First Lady quieting the crowd before she prayed.

I’m always so happy when someone writes to me that they’ve turned off the fake news and started spending time focusing on the Good News. When I’m in times of trouble, I like to pray and personalize the Book of Psalm, so I personalize the psalms for President Trump. I’ll close with showing you how to intercede through a psalm for him.

Here is how you might pray and personalize Psalm 31 for President Trump.

In you, Lord, let President Trump take refuge;
let him never be put to shame;
deliver him in your righteousness.
Turn your ear to him,
come quickly to his rescue;
be his rock of refuge,
a strong fortress to save him.
Since you are his rock and his fortress,
for the sake of your name lead and guide him.
Keep him free from the trap that is set for him,
for you are his refuge.
Into your hands commit his spirit;
deliver him, Lord, his faithful God.

We detest those who cling to the worthless idol of lies and fake news;
help him trust only in you the Lord.
Let him be glad and rejoice in your love,
for you see his affliction
and know the anguish of his soul.
You have not, and will not give him into the hands of the enemy
but will set his feet in a spacious safe place.

Be merciful to him, Lord, for he is in distress;
his eyes may grow weak with sorrow,
his soul and body tire with grief.
10 Do not let his life be consumed by anguish
or his years by groaning;
strengthen him emotionally during all the personal attacks,
keep him healthy and strong.
11 Because of all his enemies,
He is the utter contempt of many of his neighbors, liberals, Democrats, and other politicians
and an object of dread to some of those who were his closest friends—
those who see him and his family on the street and in public places now flee from them.
12 He is forgotten by some who he once held dear as though he were the enemy;
He has become like an untouchable no longer in their favorable circles.
13 For he hears many whispering or screaming and protesting in the streets,
“Terror on every side!”
They conspire against him even, from within the government, and the former administration
and some plot to take his life.

14 But help him trust in you, Lord;
Let him say boldly, “You are my God.”
15 “My times are in your hands;
deliver me from the hands of my enemies,
from those who pursue me.
16 Let your face shine on your servant Donald;
save me and keep me in your unfailing love.” Amen

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  1. Kathy Lester says:

    Thank you! I so agree with you that we need to be praying scripture for Trump and his family. We are seeing good versus evil like never before in our lifetime. Since we don’t tend to protest with distruction (like we are seeing the left do) we need to protest the evil we are seeing with our pocketbook. Lets rise up and not participate in watching the media coming from the left or purchasing from places that support such evil.

    • Janet Thompson says:

      Absolutely Kathy. That’s my prayer that a mighty army of prayer warriors will rise up across America. And like you, we believe where we spend our money should reflect our values. While we are not violent protestors like the left, we do need to continue letting our voices be heard beyond the ballot box. Bless you as you make a difference in your sphere of influence!

  2. AMEN!! And thank you Janet for telling us the truth and the remedy For it all….pointing us to THE TRUTH!
    Thank you!!!!
    jerre moore

    • Janet Thompson says:

      Yes Jerre, God’s Truth always has all the answers to life’s scenarios. Sometimes we just get distracted by all the “noise.” It’s a good word to share with everyone you know! Blessings friend.

  3. Anita Sherwood says:

    Hi Janet… this was a special one today… and the Psalm 31 was very …. very good! Oh what a war we are battling… To recover our beloved country and it’s people. Satan has a real grasp on so many and they are not even aware… We can speak out by sharing,,, proclaiming… teaching our young ones that will go on… reaching our neighbors.. finding other medias that are true., (that’s hard one)… letters to the right people.. even encouragement to the President will help . The biggest help will be through the Lord himself, for those that will listen to His promptings on how to help his loving children protect and preserve this nation. hugs.. Anita

    • Janet Thompson says:

      Anita thank you so much for your comment here and your continued support and encouragement. Yes, we are in a tremendous spiritual battle in our country, and we must keep leading those who will listen back to God’s Truth. The more we do, the more Satan will fight back like a cornered animal, but praise God, some are seeing evil for what it is. Sadly, many are blinded and deceived, but I see many signs of revival! That’s exciting to watch, pray, and participate. Hugs back at you my friend.

  4. Thank you Janet for that. That’s very encouraging to read and to want to share especially on the website for Trump. It’s very disheartening in this day and age to see all the hate and Evil. Praying for Trump to keep his chin up and go forward, there are so many of us out there who love what he is doing however, we don’t get to hear that . So sad with the media being so so lame. It’s a sad day when you can’t even talk about your president for fear of Retribution. People just don’t know and don’t want to know good from Evil anymore. Keep on posting your comments are wonderful.

    • Janet Thompson says:

      Dianne, you are right that it is a sad day, but we will be brave, bold, and patriotic and not be silenced. To all those who say President Trump is not their president, they are probably the same ones who say God is not their God and to ALL of them we say, yes he is and yes He is! Good always triumphs over evil. We just have to be patient and do our part where God leads us and the way He leads us to be His hands, feet, and voice. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Bless you!

  5. Janet, this is perhaps the best blog you’ve ever written and I’ve ever read! I turned off every news station long ago, because I knew this was coming. However, even I am surprised at their ferocious attacks which should be proof positive that Trump is indeed doing something right and righteous!

    But we must all participate in this battle, and you are right, it’s not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of evil in high places. We must continually hold our senators and representatives’ feet to the fire, calling for a unification under our nation’s President Donald J. Trump! And we must pray…pray without ceasing. Because as Chuck Colson said, ” Our hope will not arrive on AirForce One, our hope is in Jesus Christ.” And He will win the battle!

    • Janet Thompson says:

      Thank you DiAne! Sadly, the divide is clearly between good and evil. President Trump did not cause the divide, the liberal media has just revealed it. Since the conservatives don’t resort to the tactics of the left, and the media never champions our cause, the divide has mainly only been discussed quietly among Christians. But now that Christians are finally finding their voice, and the liberals have chosen to “progress” into the abyss of hate and evil which Obama led them to in his last four years, only a national revival and an awakening orchestrated by God will cross the great divide. So that’s what we need to pray for to unite our country and let’s pray it happens while Donald J. Trump is president!

  6. Patti J. Smith says:

    Excellent article, Janet! The other thing we need to be cognizant of are the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”….Christian leaders that are promoting the liberal agenda. Our Catholic Bishop in San Diego is a prime example. He is advocating disrupting the current administration and said so at a recent seminar. Needless to say I could not let his comments go or remain silent. Blog Post:
    Thank you always for your wonderful posts!

    • Janet Thompson says:

      Patti the Lord has given me a real burden for the number of Christians who have been deceived by the atheistic progressive liberals. It is shocking to me that they could be so blinded. How could a Bishop advocate disrupting an administration that is finally supportive of religious freedom and prolife? Thank you for letting your voice be heard and taking a stand. My passion is that everyone would do the same in their sphere of influence. I’ll pop over and read your blog. Bless you.

  7. Janet, What an anointed article.
    Keep up the fight. God is shaking everything up right now and he can count on you to do his will. God can take everything Satan means for bad and turn it around for the good. Praying for you and lifting you up to continue to share the good news. Praying for our President and his family!!

    • Janet Thompson says:

      You are so right Peggy, God is on the move! Thank you for being a prayer warrior in this spiritual battle! You are a blessing.

  8. Excellent commentary.

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