No I didn’t get the title of this blog wrong. Read on…

Today I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia, based on a memoir by author, Elizabeth Gilbert. I can’t help but think that Gilbert didn’t have to travel across the world to find “everything.” What if she had stayed home and PRAYED to God, found the LOVE of her life in Jesus, and then took a really fun EATING trip? Maybe she would have found that elusive “everything she was searching for so desperately and probably enjoyed her trip even more.

In interviews, Julia Roberts who plays Gilbert, says that she persoally became “very intrigued by and interested in” Hinduism from a picture she saw of a “guru” who had long been dead. What if she became very intrigued by and interested in God who is very much alive!

In referrring to seeing the guru’s picture, Julia summarized every Christian’s opportunity to tell someone the truth about Jesus: “That is the way things come into our lifes. They are not these big gate-crashing moments; it is just a little like. . . what is this about?” You may find yourself in conversations nd discussions regarding this popular movie and book, and like Julia, many will be asking: “What is this about?” Don’t miss the chance to share Who you pray to and how you found unconditional love in Jesus.

Julia Roberts is a charming actress and she can make the type of search Gilbert went on look very appealing. But even though she found love, she never found the only True Love, Jesus Christ, and you don’t have to search far to find Him.