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Remembering the Goodness of God

Our Culture Has Forgotten



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Book Description

Our morally deteriorating culture has forgotten God’s goodness to its own peril. Will the next generation even know God? The very survival of the Christian faith depends on creating a culture of God-memories that must start now!

Today’s culture is quickly forgetting the goodness and power of God. The Bible describes the potential destruction through all generations to people who forget God. The dangers are paramount. If we don’t remember what God already has done, we won’t believe what he is capable of doing in the future. Memory builds faith.

Forsaken God?” explores biblical examples of forgetting God as God repeatedly pleads for his people to remember his mighty acts and deeds. As you read this captivating book, you will have an opportunity to recall your own memories of God and learn new ways to remember God’s goodness and the power of sharing those memories with the next generation. The author and other contributors share open and honest stories of forgetting God’s goodness and offer ways that help them to remember.

Excerpt from Forsaken God?

It’s imperative for Christians to know Scripture because God’s Word is the sword of the Spirit—the only offensive weapon you have against the enemy—Satan. If you’re not reading your Bible and don’t know what God says about how to live the Christian life, you’ll become a casualty of the spiritual war. I don’t want that fate for you and I know you don’t either; but I do want you aware that Satan will do whatever he can to prevent you from reading Forsaken God?… especially the Ways to Remember God’s Goodness prompts. The good news is you can daily prepare for this battle by putting on the armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-18. I don’t start my day without praying… The Armor-of-God



What Fellow Authors and Speakers are saying about Forsaken God?:

“I especially would encourage grandparents to read this book. It does a great job of challenging us to share our spiritual journey with our children, grandchildren, and future generations in verbal stories and/or in print. Our stories of how we have experienced God working in and through our lives can have a great impact on future generations of his faithfulness in our lives. We can demonstrate to them that life is hard, not always fair, but God will walk with us, if we allow him to hold our hand.”

—Lillian Penner, National Prayer coordinator, Christian Grandparenting Network, author of Grandparenting with a Purpose. Blogger://


“Janet Thompson reminds us we are in a love relationship with our creator. He adores us and wants to shower us with proof. It is we who too often pull away. Forsaken God? isn’t a book propagating guilt, it is a how-to manual showing us practical as well as spiritual ways to restore the romance in our relationship with the Almighty.”

—Anita Agers Brooks, inspirational business/life coach, international speaker, and award-winning author of Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over and First Hired, Last Fired: How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market


“Do you have two minutes? Do you have thirty? It doesn’t matter. In Janet Thompson’s Forsaken God? you will find a nugget or a boulder that will remind you why you trust in God. Her powerful book will supply more biblical principles, stories, prayers, and discussion ideas than you ever thought possible. I guarantee you will remember!”

—Kathy Collard Miller, speaker and author of many books, including Never Ever Be the Same: A New You Starts Today


“Janet Thompson has written a book that is greatly needed in our day and age. Our post-modern culture has ushered in wide-spread disregard for God, and our cultural and individual hope and optimism have suffered tremendously as a result. Even those of us who profess a faith in God through Jesus Christ are not immune to doubt God’s character, will, intent, and ability concerning our lives. Doubt is the very same tactic that was used to cause the first man and woman to reject God. Doubting God will only and ever lead to our experiencing far less of God than he intends—far less than what Christ died to provide us. As Janet wrote, ‘Holy remembering captures our past in light of God’s powerful, wise, and always good presence in the life of a believer. Remembering our faults brings despair. Remembering God’s faithfulness brings joy.’ Janet expertly and sensitively takes the reader on a journey to truly consider God and his faithful intervention in our lives, for our good. Each chapter is set up to help the reader consider and contrast his/her present understanding, grow in knowledge and conviction, then apply the truths presented to enjoy a life of faith. Recognizing, honoring, praising, and celebrating God, as this book helps us do, is certain to restore hope and optimism, sorely needed in these days of increasing wickedness. Written for either personal or group study, this book has the potential to transform our generation and many generations to follow.”

—Pamela Christian, author of the Faith to Live By series, speaker, and media personality


“In the introduction of her new book, Forsaken God?, author Janet Thompson reminds us of a startling truth: ‘It only takes one generation forgetting the goodness of God to erase God completely from our culture.’ While most believers know this, we aren’t sure what we can do about it. Forsaken God? is the help we need! Janet doesn’t just tell us why we should remember God’s goodness and the difference it will make in our lives; she takes us by the hand and guides us through practical ways to recognize God’s presence and activity. She helps the reader develop a new awareness and equips us with the tools we need to step into a new level in our relationship with God. Steeped in Scripture and filled with real life examples, Forsaken God? will help you grasp God’s goodness and share the bounty!”

—Kathy Howard, Bible teacher and author of Unshakeable Faith and God Is My Refuge


“What a refreshing book! Grounded in God’s Word and bolstered with stories from believers, Janet Thompson gently guides her readers in remembering the goodness of God when our society has largely forgotten him. The promptings for personal reflection at the end of each chapter help readers develop healthy heart habits. Thank you, Janet, for giving us what we need: not another self-help book, but a well-timed reminder of profound truth: God is good.”

—Jocelyn Green, author of Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives


“Forsaken God is a must-read book! Janet Thompson skillfully points the reader to specific ways we can remember the goodness of God. This book poignantly weaves biblical wisdom with the true stories of people who have rediscovered the power of honoring, praising, and celebrating God. The bonus in the last few chapters offers hands-on steps for fostering a generation of people who choose to remember the praiseworthy deeds of our God and will pass that knowledge on to others. This is a book you will refer to again and again.”

—Carol Kent, speaker and author of When I Lay My Isaac Down (NavPress)


“When we forget the goodness of God—we lose. When we dwell in the goodness of God—we win. The strength of our life rises and falls with our accurate view of God. Janet Thompson aptly helps us remember God, all of God’s character, and in remembering, we become better people who can create a better—more God honoring future—and maybe a better world!”

—Pam and Bill Farrel, directors of Love-Wise, authors of 7 Simple skills for Every Woman and 7 Simple Skills for Every Man; and best-selling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti


“Janet Thompson’s new book, Forsaken God?: Remembering the Goodness of God Our Culture Has Forgotten, provides a remarkable resource that equips us to intentionally remember the ‘God-incidences’ in our lives. Uniquely written, Forsaken God? inspires us to embrace the profound significance of reflecting on our God-moments and to pass on those memories—and the faith strengthened by them—to the next generation. With creative ways to help us remember God’s goodness in our own lives, prayer prompts, and discussion questions, Forsaken God? is a powerful resource for individuals and small groups alike. I highly recommend it.”

—Stephani Shott, founder of The MOM Initiative and author of The Making of a Mom: Practical Help for Purposeful Parenting