Sunny California Day

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a book signing on Balboa Peninsula which is just a couple blocks from the beach. It was such a beautiful day in February that the bookstore set me up out on the sidewalk to talk to people as they strolled by walking dogs and pushing baby carriages. My best friend joined me and here is a picture of us together.

The motorcycle in the back pulled up while we were sitting there and a young man and his little grey haired mother got off the bike. It was not a common site and I made the comment to her that a mother’s got to do what she’s got to do to spend time with her son. And she said “You’ve got it absolutely right!” My friend then said that she hoped when her son was that age he would be driving her around in a convertible but she would still be wearing a crash helmet too!

It was a fun day people watching and signing a few books. Enjoy

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