Skin Care During Radiation Treatments

I was fortunate to have minimal skin damage during radiation, and I have some tips that might help. If you know someone going through radiation treatment or you are experiencing it, see if these help. One person who bought six Dear God, They Say It’s Cancer books because she knew so many women with breast cancer, prepared a gift bag of some of the lotions I suggested to give with the book. So here’s my tips.


1. Slather the radiated breast with Aloe Vera and Niniva lotion (or heavy unperfumed lotions). I took these with me to treatment and put it on right after. Also after shower, before bed…several times a day.
2. Drink lots of water.
3. Eat healthy and get lots of rest
4. Take naps if you’re tired–your body is rebuilding every day
5. In the shower don’t let hot water hit you breast. Keep it just warm and flow on your back and over your shoulder
6. Don’t wear anything lacy or scratchy.
7. If your breast becomes irritated the doctor may give you a couple of days break or give you samples of prescription cream. I had to do that.
8. Radiation can cause a frozen shoulder. I had it happen to me. Ask your dr. about exercises to do. Be very careful not to get any cuts on the arm near the breast being radiated. Let someone else cut and dice in the kitchen.
9. Don’t get manicures until radiation is over and don’t shave under your arm.
10. Use a non-perfume bath soap like Dove.

On pg 177 of Dear God, They Say It’s Cancer. I talk about chemo/radiation brain. Don’t worry if you can’t think straight or are forgetful.


  1. Skin Care Tips
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    • I just finished radiation treatments. My nurse and doctor were happy with my outcome.
      I have been going to the gym every morning at 5:00 a.m., five days a week. I really believe this helped with my recovery from surgery. Everyday after radiation treatments, I applied the aloe vera on my breasts, 3 times a day. This also helped my skin.

      • Janet Thompson says:

        Hi Susie!
        Congratulations on completing radiation!
        I know exercise does help. I walked every day and drank lots of water. Eleven years later, I still slather on the aloe vera over the radiated area. You would never know I had radiation but I do have 3 scars in the same place…UGH…but the aloe vera helps with that too.
        Prayers for continued health…Blessings, Janet

  2. Nice tips for skin care during radiation!! I will help me a lot!! Thanks for sharing!!

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