Tips for Having a Spectacular Summer

Often we get so busy having “fun” in the summer months that we take a vacation from God and then wonder why we’re so stressed.

Here are tips for having a spectacular God-filled summer!
1. On Sundays, visit a church in your vacation spot.
2. If a church is not available, have your own family service.
3. Pray before meals, even when you’re in a restaurant.
4. If you’re traveling by car, play Christian Cd’s or a Christian radio station. If you have little ones, play one of their children’s Cd’s and sing along with them.
5. Learn Scripture verses on a long drive.
6. Keep your small group or Bible study going during the summer. You may not have perfect attendance, but God NEVER takes the summer off.
7. Pray together every morning and have a short devotional time before you set off on the day’s adventure.
8. Throughout the day, stop and thank God for the beauty that surrounds you, even if you’re sitting in your backyard.
9. If finances are tight, don’t think you have to take the family on an expensive vacation. Check out all the “free” or minimally priced activities in your community.
10. If your children have a disadvantaged friend, offer to take the child with you when you’re doing something fun.

Remember that our great God is a “year-round” God. He loves to have fun with you, but He’s also a jealous God that doesn’t want us putting fun before Him. If you keep that in mind all summer, you’re going to have the time of your life!

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