Welcome to My New Blog

I’m so glad you’ve found my blog and hope you’ll sign up to follow my weekly Monday posts…and comment on what you read!

Today we’re launching my new website, which I hope you’ll browse and enjoy!

You’ll see that I write, speak, and offer support on a variety of topics, so the content of my blogs will vary. If a particular topic doesn’t apply to your life, you probably know someone who could benefit from you sharing the blog with them! That’s mentoring: Sharing Life’s Experiences and God’s faithfulness–my passion and my mission.

If you’re new to my blog, welcome. If you’ve been following me, I hope you enjoy the new look. Let me know what you think!

About His Work,



  1. I’m leaving the first comment on my new blog. Hope to get 100’s more!

  2. It’s me again. Trying one more thing…working out the bugs. Check back next Monday for my first REAL post.

  3. Am anxious to know more about your mentoring. I am an unpublished writer, member ACFW in Boise.

    • Hi Mary,
      Nice to meet you Mary. I didn’t know there was an ACFW in Boise. My dream is to write fiction and I would love to learn more about that group. We’re in the mountains outside of Boise!
      When you refer to mentoring are you talking about mentoring in general, mentoring in churches, or mentoring authors?

      Also love to know how you learned about my website and blog!

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