What Does the Moon Have to Do With Easter?

With Easter fast approaching, I knew you would all find this guest post by Linda Rooks fascinating. I know I did! You’ll want a copy of her new book The Bunny Side of Easter for all the kids in your family. Leave a comment below to enter a drawing for a copy!


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Connecting the Easter Bunny to the True Meaning of Easter

By Linda Rooks

Easter comes on April 5 this year. So in about a month it will once again be time for Easter baskets, colored eggs, and the celebration of the resurrection.

I imagine several of you are even now checking to make sure you’ve got it down on your calendars. Chances are that like me, you may have trouble keeping up with the date for Easter each year. Last year, Easter came late at the end of April, and the year before, Easter came at the end of March. Ever wonder why the discrepancy? Why the date changes from year to year?

The Significance of the Moon

The date for Easter differs each year because it’s determined by the moon. Easter always comes on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the advent of spring. When I first discovered this, I became fascinated with how this came to be and why the lunar calendar plays such a significant part.

The way that God’s creation meshes with our daily life is always a thing of wonder to me. God uses His creation to speak to us in many ways. He used the star to guide the magi to the manger where Jesus was born. He uses the rainbow as a promise that he would never again destroy us. He uses the seasons as well as seeds that sprout into living things to teach us about life, death, and resurrection. Jesus even said that if the people did not turn out with their Hallelujahs to praise him on Palm Sunday that the rocks would have cried out in praise instead.

So when I discovered that not only did the moon determine the date for Easter, but ancient storytellers in the East had seen a rabbit in the moon, I became even more fascinated. Could all this connect with the Easter bunny somehow?

A Story of Faith, Compassion, and Courage

I never did find an answer to that question, but when I decided to write an Easter book for children, the moon became part of the story, and, of course, the rabbit in the moon had to play a part as well. For what I further discovered is that in the shadowy patches of the full moon, I could actually see the image of a rabbit. His body is on the left side of the moon and his ears are at the top. I even borrowed a little from the ancient storytellers to tell the story. But the moon is only a small part of the story . . .because the thrust of this little adventure focuses on a story of faith, compassion, and courage that turned an ordinary rabbit into a hero and taught an angel about God’s omnipresent love and the power of prayer.

The heroic bunny became the Easter bunny and as a result he got to go to the moon and become the rabbit on the moon.

Fun, huh?


The story begins on Easter eve when three animals—a mischievous rabbit, a plucky duck and a playful monkey become lost and must face a fearsome tiger. A little angel is kind to them, but her doubts about God’s omnipresence put her in danger when a fearsome tiger emerges on the scene. The question then becomes: can the three animals save themselves and the little angel who was kind to them? Will the angel discover the truth about her power? The bunny comes to the rescue to save her even though it may mean sacrificing his own life to do so. His act of heroism makes him the Easter bunny. The Bunny Side of Easter is a tale of fears faced, friendships gained, and faith discovered.

Bunny Side of Easter Cover 200-2

On Easter morning, when you watch your children scurry about the yard looking for Easter eggs, you may feel a disconnect between the legend of the Easter bunny and the real meaning of Easter. If so, The Bunny Side of Easter can fill the gap, taking children on an exciting and charming adventure with hints of allegory that point children to the true significance of Easter.

And when the next full moon appears, take your children out under the nighttime sky to look for the rabbit in the moon. Together, you can make a fun new discovery that will likely become a monthly ritual and a delight to all.

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As author of The Bunny Side of Easter, Linda W. Rooks takes her life-long love of children’s books and uses it to tell a winsome, but exciting adventure that points children to the real meaning of Easter. Her first adult book, Broken Heart on Hold, was published in 2006 and continues to minister to women in broken marriages. Linda’s writing has appeared in a number of national publications, including Chicken Soup for the Beach Lover’s Soul, Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Woman and HomeLife. She has appeared as a guest many times on TV and radio talk shows across the North American continent.

Leave a comment to enter drawing for copy of The Bunny Side of Easter. It would make a great Easter gift!


  1. Lisa Stalnaker says:

    Thank you Janet for posting this. I am always at a loss for a book for my 5 year old gramddaughter, Maddie. She has an entire library already and a huge imagination. This will be the perfect Easter book for her@

    • I know what you mean, Lisa. I have five young grandchildren and love giving them books, particularly Easter books that have something meaningful to say. If you win, I’ll be sure to autograph it to Maddie.

  2. Angie Green says:

    Very interesting! I didn’t realize the moon had anything to do with Easter! Really like how this book fills the gap, between The true meaning of Easter and the Easter bunny. I am a new grandmother, striving to teach my granddaughter about Jesus! Thanks for the insight and “we” would really enjoy the book! :). Angie Green

    • Hi Angie,

      Congratulations on your new grandmotherhood! Grandmothers are so important in a child’s life. My grandmother brought me to Jesus at the age of 8. And one of the fun backstories about this book is that, before it was published I read it to my 6-year-old grandson. And even without all the cute pictures, it lead us into a great discussion. The next night he invited Jesus into his heart! 🙂

  3. Lynn Roberts says:

    Love the idea!

    • Yes, it’s been fun to be able to use the Easter bunny to “enhance” the true Easter story rather than trying to shuffle him into the background. Happy Easter.

  4. My children were asking my husband how the date for Easter was determined each year and why it wasn’t on the same day every year like Christmas.
    He explained, as best he could, about what the moon cycle has to do with determining when the date for Easter is.
    I think this would be wonderful to share with our kids, grandson, and nephews!

    • Hi Kela,

      Like you said, most people really don’t know what determines the date for Easter so it’s been fun filling people in on this interesting fact. Be sure to also get your children to look for the rabbit in the moon when the next full moon appears – which will be the night before Easter this year. Happy Easter.

  5. Shirley Conley says:

    I love, love, love the concept of the rabbit in the moon. I’m sure we all stared at the moon when we were children trying to see the “man in the moon.” Now, I won’t be content until I see the rabbit. The way you weave God’s Word with a whimsical bunny is a blessing in itself. My grandchildren are grown, but I have 5 great grandchildren, especially my 2 year old twins, who would love this book.

    • Hi Shirley,

      I know you will indeed have fun looking for the rabbit in the moon with your great-grandchildren. My grandchildren think it’s the greatest thing! This has been such a fun book for me to write and talk about, and I’m so delighted to be able to use the Easter bunny to help children discover the true meaning of Easter. Have a wonderful Easter with your family!

  6. What a great book to fill in that huge gap between the Easter bunny and true meaning of Easter.
    Sounds like a wonder book. I know my little Elsa would love this book as she has just started her walk with Jesus.

    • Penelope,

      What a joy to know that your child has begun walking with Jesus at this young age. I pray that her faith will grow strong as she grows up. I hope you’ll be able to get a copy of The Bunny Side of Easter. I know she will enjoy the adventure of seeing how an ordinary rabbit became a hero and the Easter bunny.

  7. And the winner is – – – KELA. Kela, would you please send me your contact information so I can send you the book? Please let me know if you want me to autograph it to anyone in particular and include their ages. You can send your info to me at lindarooks@embarqmail.com Thanks.

    And thank all of you for your wonderful comments. I hope you’ll be able to pick up the book and add it to your Easter baskets this year. You can buy it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or go to my website at bunnysideofeaster.com for more options and more opportunities to use the book to bring your child closer to the Lord as well as enjoying some fun activities and find out more about the moon.

  8. Janet Thompson says:

    Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic response to Linda’s book and blog post. I wish you all could be winners but Linda pulled a name out of a hat and congratulations to Kela. There will be more opportunities to win other books in coming weeks so keep leaving comments to enter and also it’s so encouraging to me to hear how a blog post has blessed you! Happy Easter to all of you and I do hope you get The Bunny Side of Easter for your kids and grandkids. I too am always looking for Christian books that engage my grandchildren. Can’t wait to give them this one! Happy Easter to each of you! Celebrate our Savior is alive!

  9. Karen Tackett says:

    My grand daughter would love this book. I’m not able to take her to church. Her Mom is Wicka. The moon caught my attention for them.

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